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About Us

johndebbieIn late 1983, Pete Lallo and his wife Peg came to Fort Myers Beach from Youngstown, Ohio to visit their sons, Peter and John. Peter had moved to Fort Myers Beach and found a job in the restaurant business. John had moved in with Peter and found a job at a Resort on Sanibel. When John found out he could use his artistic ability to make money (not to mention the view) he got a job at the Top Shop airbrushing designs on T-shirts. Now the Top Shop just happened to be next to an open air restaurant on the beach called “Ronnie’s at the Beach”.

While John’s dad Pete was here he would sit at a picnic table on Ronnie’s and watch John airbrush and watch all the people walking by. He sat there day after day, and the lights started going off in his head how this little bar/restaurant on the beach could be pretty profitable. So he talks it over with his wife and they decided to buy the place…and so in December 1983 “Pete’s Time Out” was born!!! The early menu was limited – great burgers and fries and Mom Peg’s home made Chili. Oh and 75 cent 16 oz draft beer!!!

Peter worked for his Dad for a while and John while still airbrushing would come over every morning and set up the tables. In early February 1984, Debbie, who was from Indiana, was visiting her family on Fort Myers Beach for a few days – a very few days. Her and a friend and cousins went out to the Top O Mast for a few drinks. And there she met John. Well the rest is history and within two weeks she packed up and moved to Florida. John went to work for his Dad as a cook and Debbie as a waitress. They were married in 1985. After a few years Pete wanted to move on to other ventures and grew tired of working so hard. So in December of 1990 he and Peg sold Pete’s Time Out to John and Debbie. Our family has grown to son and daughter and spouses and five grandchildren. All have helped out here at some time or another doing something or another. Daughter Tiffany worked here as a waitress in the 90’s, son Michael designs our shirts and this website, daughter-in-law Nicole worked as a waitress back in 2004, son-in-law Mike delivered his son, our grandson, Steven, here many times so he could bus tables and he was a cook here for a couple of years.  The other five grandkids, Mackenzie, Tristan, Lauren, Garrett and Carter, well they just love to come and eat here. You may also see Aunt Liz and Uncle Pete in the winter here helping out. They have both been welcome helpers at Pete’s. The menu has grown and the price of beer has went up a little. But we still have some of the best burgers and fries around.

So now Pete’s is over 30 years and we can only say thank you Pete for the vision.

-John and Debbie Lallo

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